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Gold Rush DMO & IPA Tracker

7k Gold Rush DMO& IPA Tracker (pdf)

2023 Gold Rush Contest Details

Gold Rush Contest Details (pdf)


SML Team Quick Start

SML Team Quick Start (pdf)

Checklist for new 7k Members

Checklist new 7k Members (pdf)

Share Plan in Detail

Share Plan in Detail (pdf)

Event Forms

7k Enrollment Form

7k Enrollment Form (pdf)

Register to Win Multi Host

Register to Win (pdf)

How to Rank Up

Roadmap to Copper

Roadmap to Copper (pdf)

Roadmap to Bronze

Roadmap to Bronze (pdf)

Roadmap to Silver

Roadmap to Silver (pdf)

Some useful downloads

Gold Backed IRA

Click on 2 images to the right to download the "Summary Setup Steps" and "IRA Calculator".

Thanks Ben Rusk

Building Your List

100 Name list (pdf)

Pre-Qualifier Checklist

Pre-Qualifier Checklist (pdf)

Tips from Wayne Clark

Tips from Wayne Clark (pdf)

Referral Reward Program

Referral Reward Program (pdf)

Referral Cards

Referral Cards
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